Information on the use of cookies

What are Cookies?

Cookies are short text fragments (letters and/or numbers) that allow the web server to store on the client (the browser) information that can be re-used during your visit to the site (session cookies) or later, even several days later (persistent cookies). Cookies have various functions: they help you browse between the various pages in the site more efficiently, they store your preferences and generally speaking improve your browsing experience.

When you visit a web site you may receive cookies both from the site you are visiting (“proprietary”), and from sites managed by other organisations (“third party”).

Technical cookies

These cookies are necessary to allow the site to work properly. Generally speaking, if you disable one or more of these cookies, one or more of the site pages may not work properly.

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Cookie management

You may decide whether or not to accept cookies, using the settings on your browser. These are the links to instructions for the most commonly used browsers:

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